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24. novembra 2017 je Center Republike Slovenije za mobilnost in evropske programe izobraževanja in usposabljanja (CMEPIUS) naši šoli podelil priznanje Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter.

21. marca 2021 je Center Republike Slovenije za mobilnost in evropske programe izobraževanja in usposabljanja (CMEPIUS) naši šoli podelil Akreditacijo Erasmus+ za odbobje 2021-2027.


The Ljubljana Secondary School for Hairstyling participates in three international Erasmus+ projects:

  • Practical training of students abroad

    Due to health and safety measures only long-term mobility is taking place in the school year 2021/2022 – practical training abroad at the employer’s salons. There are currently two students on training in the Sorbie salons in London, two students in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one student in La Valletta and one student in Belgrade. All of the before mentioned have either recovered from Covid-19 or have been fully vaccinated, therefore, their mentors agreed to their training. Due to rather looser measures, there is a group of 4 students on practical training in Belgrade for one month.
    We will continue with the long-term mobility depending on the project resources and health and safety measures. Therefore, all students interested in applying for a mobility should contact the co-ordinator, who will provide them with more information.

  • Entrepreneurial Learning for Future Sustainability (ELFS)


Schools participating in the project are: Prakticum (Finland, Helsinki), Stadio AO (Finland, Helsinki), Escola Technica de Imagem e Comunicacao Aplicada (Portugal, Lisbon), ROC Mondriaan (The Netherlands, Den Haag), Srednja frizerska šola Ljubljana (Slovenia, Ljubljana).
The main objective of ELFS is the exchange of good practices concerning the use of sustainable solutions and circular economy in today’s entrepreneurial challenges. The project encourages innovative business ideas coming from various backgrounds and furthermore, the integration of these varieties into a common business strategy. All the participants of the project hope to find within this project interesting solutions which will help future entrepreneurs in the fields of fashion, hairstyling and media technology find means emphasising sharing, borrowing and recycling rather than mere consuming. Moreover, the project encourages multi-lingual and multicultural communication, development of multicultural agreement and team work between students as well as participating teachers.

  • ELFS project had three main parts:
    • pre-assignements, that took place a few months before each work-week, and prepared students for the international team working during work-weeks;
    • three work-weeks in three different countries: the 1st work-week took place in Helsinki in February 2020, the 2nd work-week took place in Den Haag in November 2021, and the last work-week was in Lisbon in May 2022;
    • final results and ending of the project took place in Slovenia from 15th to 17th June 2022.
  • Excellence in International Eco-friendly Hair and Skincare

    Schools participating in the project are: Provincial Instituut voor Haartooi en Schoonheidszorgen Gent (Belgium, Gent), Taekniskolinn – skoli atvinnulifsins (Island, Reykjavik), Prakticum (Finland, Helsinki), Srednja frizerska šola Ljubljana (Slovenia, Ljubljana).
    Between the October 18 to 22 teachers Darja Pirkmaier Maklin and Urša Troha as well as the co-ordinator of the project Stanka Platiša Pogačnik attended the first meeting in Gent, Belgium. The working week was dedicated to the detailed preparation of the timetable for the execution of the project, emphasis on the content and first presentations of good practices from workshops and cultural exchange. The objective of the project is to increase the awareness of the necessity of using eco-friendly preparations in hairstyling and, in general, the preparation of learning materials for technical subjects in hairstyling.
    The use of natural eco-friendly preparations in hairstyling is a challenge for the future since there are more and more people with various allergic difficulties. Therefore, we need the knowledge of a wide range of natural and skin-friendly ingredients which form the base of natural haircare. There is a growing emphasis on quality and safety of hairstyling preparations. Lately we have become particularly interested in natural, non-refined plant-based eco-friendly oils. Furthermore, we are interested in the synergy in the workings of natural plant and etheric oils.


    Sustainable development and eco-friendly lifestyle are becoming more and more important worldwide. Cosmetic industry of the future is an industry dedicated to the use of eco-friendly materials. Our objective is to familiarize students in technical and vocational schools with the importance of ecological awareness.

    With this project we aim to equip EU students with knowledge on the use of eco-friendly products for haircare and skincare.